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What is Emotional Injury?

Emotional Injury: an impairment to or disorder of the intellectual or psychological capacity of someone as evidenced by observable and substantial reduction in one's ability to function within a normal range of performance and behavior.

More simply put, if someone claims they suffered emotional harm by hearing a sermon or listening to a lesson being taught, this is all that is needed to begin the ugly scenario of going to court without proper coverage and representation.

Where Can Emotional Injury allegations come from?

Pod Casting, Streaming on the web or Web content
Radio and TV
and Many others
Can my school be at risk for such an allegation?

Yes, all is needed is an allegation, true or false is not the issue. An allegation is all that is needed to cause a severe financial resource problem for a school.

How can a School protect itself?

With a solid insurance program that is not silent on this issue. We have the tools available to address this type of concern. Don't overlook the importance of this "tempest" developing within our courts today. The school is a target. Be prepared by addressing this issue upfront.

When someone teaches there is an opportunity for someone to be offended by a student of the school and thereby claim emotional injury.

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